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Thread: high ping with DNS server

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    Default high ping with DNS server

    when i 1st took ispros from my RSP it was good most of the time i got 1ms ping sumtimes it jumped to 2/3ms but thats ok..........after 2/3 months i got avarage 2/3ms n sumtimes it jumps to 14/16ms. when i told my rsp abt my ping prb they said i have to take optical fiber line n they will give me a box called MC which will be in my house n in between my house n their office(store) there will be no switch box so no ping loss will happen.......i spend 4k for that now the result are same as before though i get 1ms but it jumps to 11/12ms after 4/5 times pinging can any1 give me a suggestion plz ty
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