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Thread: We will be released in the middle of October

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    Default We will be released in the middle of October

    Previously, SE once referred to in this year's TGS, SE will display the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, but recently in the official BBS of the game, the producer naoki yoshida, in a post called "a letter from the developer" mentioned in the latest news of the game, saying that the PS3 version of the game show not love released before the middle of October.

    "We will be released in the middle of October the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn." Naoki yoshida said: "I believe that we are ready to the screenshots, but please wait a moment. The real machine video game very good (the picture look similar to PC version), but in front of the public to deal with a few small problems.

    Naoki yoshida, at the same time introduces the new game house system. "We will bring a new player housing system, the game has a variety of land, sea and the forest, where players can buy land and build your own house. Once you build a house, a player can create your figure no home. You can also make home, decorate it yourself, and it can raise ostards in the yard."

    "And the system will get promoted in the game, players can build special houses. I'm sure players will be very like the new housing system. Of course, your house also can treat as your warehouse to use (the PS3 version is the same)."

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    Hi how did this went? Planning to do something like this too.
    "Anything Is Possible." reviews

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