If there is one plot this one should be able to walk around half the reward, that you "should be" too I issued by the building of 4runescapegold.com the figure? What's your many concept? More than a dozen people? Dozens of people? Below the diagram I sent thousands of people to vote, almost 60% reward, only 19% vote storyline that is half your make up?

Please look at times, when there is no wonderful plot, so most people will choose to PK, this is to reflect the important plot. This vote is 2012.1, there would be fewer Elderly up, Some like it cold, Al 'kharid Quest, there is a big difference?

Anyway I think minigames are rs a major bright spot, and it is the nods eyeball pen of minigame cb. Minigame is a major bright spot, but instead of fighting are simple, main is to survive, such as the castle wars flag-catcher, fog to collect energy.

Pest control is completely easy fight. This may not be all that you imagine, if you ask someone why play non - cb SC, he must be want to reply more point, not I don't think it is fun. You with a Pro Team who is simple, of course, the battle. Another Fight Fight of Cave, up, Soulwars: why don't you ask? Song from the depths is primary quest, compared to more advanced QBD more epic, so QBD, of course, there are more votes.