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Thread: A4TECH regular mice sale!

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    Default A4TECH regular mice sale!

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    Want to sell these regular mice off.
    These were purchased 2 weeks ago for office. Only taken out once until it was clear that these won't serve our purpose, at which point they were bagged.

    The black one - MRP 650/-. Asking 500/-. It is actually a mouse for lappy which the packet does not say, nor did the shopkeep. One employee purchased it and immediately found that the cable is too short, would not reach the desktop under the table. Works fine with lappy and looks good too. (Oh, tried to return it, but the damn store seems closed).

    The red ferrari-ish one - MRP 1100/-; asking 800/-. This baby is wireless. The problem, tracking is not upto the mark for our work. We work on small desk spaces, on bare desk surfaces frequently using large spreadsheets and spreadsheet like software. 2 out of 20 times, the mouse pointer would jump! The battery provided was dead, so now it has new ones. Our regular provider won't take it saying - 'boss, season to dull, ekhon use koren porey onno item ey shubidha dimu ne'.

    So, I am taking the path most endearing.

    B4 any1 asks, no warranties. Not even the [email protected]$$ whom imports will give warranty on A4tech. This brand is known for no warranty but still decent life. I can't seem to find the dockets. Rest assured, I am not trying to pull anything here.

    So ppl, pls lets have some offers; decent ones. I reserve all rights, yadda yadda.

    PM for all queries. Thanks.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Black one GONE.
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