Within next 2 or 3 days i will buy ups, tv card, speaker, rechargable battery and charger. My budget is limited so if anyone know any better choice or suggestion please post it. Untill now my choices are
1. ideal 800va or marcury pro 800va ups
2. Microlab M-590 speaker
3. About tv card no idea. But using a Gadmei one with a Crt monitor and its runnig well. On the other hand my friend bought (actually i helped him to buy it) using also a Gadmei tv card(support upto 1920x1200) for his viewsonic 1440x900 resolution monitor but playin tv seems slow like very low frame rate or frame skipping or ghosting but there is no such problem in my crt one. So i am little confused about tv card. If you have seen some tv card in practicle life only then suggest for my dell S2240L 1080p monitor.
4. I also need cheap rechargable battery for antique sony cybershot dsc p32 3.2mp camera. Saw some uniross 2 aa 2500mah battery for 350tk and a charger for 450tk in floralimited website.

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None to help?