Hi guys,

I need help shipping some things from New York to Dhaka.
i have 2 option shipping it through Postal Service (Fadex/UPS/DHL/USPS) or Through luggage (have to find someone)

I am here for suggestion for Postal Services, which will ship faster? cost? any problem in customs etc.

or if anyone is kind enough to help me bring these things from New York (someone visiting Dhaka soon)

Here are the items in distress:

1. 3 pack of Vitamins = Fish oil Supliments
2. 1 Alienware M17x R3 Battery
3. 1 Alienware M17x R3 Power Adapter
4. 2 Pcs Sunscreen
5. 2 Pcs Cream

Total 7-8 pound ~ 5Kg

Thanks in advance.