We need to have a gadgets review section.

It can be for products like a new mobile in the market which people don't know much about [a walton mobile e.g],tablets,headphone/speaker,gaming keyboard/mouse or any gaming gears,monitors,laptops or just any tech product review which can be helpful for our community.I know there are lots of sites out there who specialize in this sector but having this review from your own countrymen can come in handy as you can get to know about the performance of a specific model of a product,for instance a particular laptop's review here might not be found on the internet as it might be targeted for a country who aren't that much into reviews and all.

We all read product reviews on various sites,so we know what a review consists of and what needs to be done to write one.So let's start the review thing in a separate section.

*im sorry if something like this is already in place.

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http://banglagamer.com/content.php?12-hardware-reviews this one is here,i think this can be in the forum rather on the home page.

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@CvP the articles section is fine,we just need some rebranding,why don't u try to re energize the whole article thing?eita korte parle mone hoi bhalo e hoi.arekta bepar ki shobai forum e dhuke direct,no one goes through it from the home page,so oikhane ki ase na ase eita kintu keu care kore na,so if we can do something about that i dont see a reason why the articles,and specially the hardware review section not become a popular one.