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Thread: Sony to release revised PlayStation Vita system.

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    Default Sony to release revised PlayStation Vita system.

    Sony to release revised PlayStation Vita system

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    Sony has revealed a revision to its PlayStation Vita handheld.During a press conference in Tokyo on Monday, Sony showed off a lighter, thinner Vita modelaimed at casual players.
    Called the PlayStation Vita 2000, the redesigned system is 15% lighter and 20% thinner, packs 1 GB of built-in memory, and comes with a battery intended to last an hour longer than the one powering the existing Vita, which will remain on shelves. The Vita's OLED screen is being replaced with an LED screen and the new system is rounder and will come in six different colors. Sony is also releasing a 64 GB memory card for the system.
    Currently, the PS Vita 2000 is launching exclusively in Japan on October 10 for 18,980 yen ($190). There's no word yet on whether Sony plans to bring this model to other regions, but it seems likely that it will eventually make its way around the world.
    News of the PS Vita 2000 comes on the heels of a price drop for the standard Vita system, a move intended to help boost sales and gain traction.

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    From OLED to LED? That's a big downgrade. They need games, not more Vitas though. The pricing on the current Vitas are decent, it just needs games to back it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aayman View Post
    From OLED to LED? That's a big downgrade. They need games, not more Vitas though. The pricing on the current Vitas are decent, it just needs games to back it up.
    Hmm i think we will be getting some decent games very soon because of the price cut. This should boost their sales figure. Though I am happy with my vita original. I don't like this model that much and yea the screen. I bet the vita 2000 buyers won't even realize what they are missing, the vita's OLED screen is the best screen i have ever experienced. But that cuts a lot of cost i guess.

    I think the vita is catching up gradually. Killzone, The walking dead, Batman and now the only thing that the vita needs is a good GTA, and have a feeling that R* will be working on the vita now as they are finished with their big thing. I wish they would give us a story about how Michael, franklin and Trevor met at the first time.

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    PS Vita 2000's LCD Screen Gets Video Comparison with PS Vita's OLED


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    A brand new comparison between the current PS Vita's OLED screen and the new PS Vita 2000's LCD one has appeared, this time in the form of a video that really shows the difference between the two display types.

    The PS Vita was released last year and sported a beautiful OLED screen that produced gorgeous colors for the games that ran on the portable console.

    Now, Sony is preparing a new version of the device, in the form of the PS Vita 2000, which sports an LCD screen that's more efficient in terms of battery life.

    After seeing a few comparison photos between the two display types, a new video has appeared on YouTube showing the old and new PS Vita models while loading different games at the same time.

    Despite Sony's arguments that the LCD is a great technology, the OLED screen displays much richer colors, at least judging by the video above.

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