I received a XIM3(Mouse and keyboard adapters available for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.) I order it when I am not habitual with the console and now it is a pain(I cannot make it work. It needed wired xbox controller and I buy one but I am assuming the wired controller I get is not original and Its the only reason I am finding it of not working. maybe there are others but its review is solid from the buyers and this one is the best there people says). My asking price is 14000 BDT(On price I have to collect it from amazon uk and after some charge it comes to that). Don't ask me to reduce the price. If u r not interested then not interested. Just don't ask me for less and no worry U will get chance to test it with ur controller. If it does work then u will take it. Otherwise not. Hoping to listen from all crazy gamers(not so hopeful. I am kicking myself for this purchase as I like the console experience now. Lol. But who knows it will definitely will increase the mouse movement on multilayer for xbox player ). Not gving u any links. google it using XIM3 and u will find lots of link and the version I have is XIM Edge and it works both with playstation and xbox 360. No warranty no guaranty.
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