Item: Singer 32" LED TV

Used for: Almost brand new (used for 4-7hrs for testing purpose)

Warranty: More or less 1month left

The thing is, my family bought this TV almost a year ago! Due to some miscommunications we bought two leds at the same time (x1 42" and x1 32").We decieded to use the 42" and 32" ta eto din unused pore chilo and we almost forgot abt it. The unit is as good as brand new, u will still be able to see plastic coating around the edges and smell the 'plasticy-smell' we get from brand new merchandises

Market Price: 44000 BDT
Asking price: 35000 BDT (to compensate for the lost warranty-period the price's been reduced by 9000BDT)

If u r interested u can inbox me
or contact me at this number 01675440898