In BG there are numerous threads about buying smartphones. But the thing that bothers me is that the thread just stays inactive with no conclusions. Everyone should try to post a detailed review of whichever phone he gets. Sharing first hand experience should really help others who have an eye in the cellphone market too. I know posting a detailed review takes time. So you can even just post some main advantages and disadvantages of the smartphone, which should be worth knowing.

Some of the points you can include
The look of phone
User Interface(UI)
Gaming Performance

You can include other points too. Its just a list to help you remember what to write about.

Its my first thread here in BG. I would be glad if it becomes a helpful one!

- - - Updated - - -

Ok so let me start with the first review.
Sony Xperia Neo V
Plus points
1. I like the look of this phone. Mine is blue gradient it has the best look imo when compared to other models.
2. The 5mp camera takes decent pictures under daylight.
3. I really like taking HD videos with it. Its 720p and the sound qualitiy is good too.
4. Gaming performance is decent enough imo(considering a 1GHz cpu).

1. The UI is laggy. There is a significant performance increase in ICS(frm GB) though.
2. Multitasking is possible, barely though. The 512mb RAM is really a drawback.
3. Display size is average.
4. Grains in low light photographs.

Ok so here are the points I can make out now. You can ask me if you want to know anything more.