Wow, where to start? This was probably my favorite Final Fantasy Game ever, maybe just a little better than number eight.
OK, so all of my reviews consist of 6 sections; Gameplay, Graphics, Sound, Presentation, Value, and Overall.

What feels to me like a KOTOR meets Final Fantasy experience, is actually better than it sounds. The combat system is great and addictive, yet still easy to get use to and will be liked by Newbies and Veterans alike. The Field Mode is great. Can't beat one level? Try running around and leveling up. One of my favorite additions is the DMW. While it may seem random, the game actually keeps an in-game chart of the experience you get. Another good part is if you're in the middle of a boss fight and about to die, the DMW can save you and actually win you the fight to avoid one of the bigger problems in the game, no cutscene skipping.

These are another strong part of the game. The Graphics are PS2 graphics and the cutscenes are gorgeous. This game raises the bar for PSP graphics.

Voice acting is amazing, music is addictive and fits the game perfectly. My biggest problem is listening to the words "Activating Combat Mode" and Conflict Resolved" every single battle.

The game is a short experience, but if you do all the missions and experiment with Materia Fusion, you'll be playing this game for around 30 hours(for one going through the story mode). With the feature of replaying the game and keeping almost everything, this is a great game.

This game is DEFINITELY worth 40 Bucks.

This is an amazing game that will keep you preoccupied for 30+ hours, with amazing Gameplay, this game has only one major flaw; You can't skip cutscenes. If you lose one boss fight, you have to watch another 10 minute cutscene, which at first isn't very annoying since it has an amazing story, but toward the end of the game you're going to start hating it.
Overall, this is an amazing game and you should definitely go buy it if you have a PSP.
Overall-9.5(Would be 9.8 if that was one of the options)