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Thread: Where to find Trading Card Protector Pages in Bangladesh ?

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    Default Where to find Trading Card Protector Pages in Bangladesh ?

    Anyone know where can I buy trading card protector pages in Bangladesh. I have quite a few pokemon trading card . I wanna store them I a binder to keep them safe . There like this...

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    Just get the holographic ones laminated. That's pretty much all that you have to do.

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    Where can I find them in Dhaka ?

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    There are some collectibles shops in Dhaka now, you can try those.

    Like SRK, Jamil's. Jamil's is located at the head of KEMAL ATATURK AVENUE; top floor of UAE market.

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    Thanks for the replies. Will check them out .
    BTW Any available near Dhanmondi? That would be closer for me.
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