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Thread: CS 1.6 Workshop-Share ur feelings & openion

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    Default CS 1.6 Workshop-Share ur feelings & openion

    How was Counter Strike 1.6 Workshop on 12th.....Share ur feelings nd openion about it....what u hv learnt....nything that hv striked u...or share evn if it had bored u or evn if it was worthless....wats more to add ...wats to remove....nything evrything...ur views will help us organize it better in the future

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    Default Re: CS 1.6 Workshop-Share ur feelings & openion

    surely the workshop was very is helpful........I am sure everyone learned whatever he needed.....the mouse sensitivity tips is very helpful for me....well a little bit more pic , video, demo and in game performance could have been done....but I know there is time request is that topics that could t be discussed that day has to finished....and also the CD.....

    Eagerly looking forward to this kind workshops more in the future with specific topics.......its very useful for the entire CS community......... thanks to HTH and everyone else........
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    Default Re: CS 1.6 Workshop-Share ur feelings & openion

    Too bad i couldnt come

    Ekhon GT vai, ki ki siksen bolen Dekhi?
    Whatever, Its a Sig.

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