Dead Island: Epidemic, MOBA-inspired Dead Island game, unveiled with details and screenshots

Techland has lifted the veil off Dead Island: Epidemic, and it's not the MOBA we expected to see. Yes, Epidemic is inspired by the genre, but the theme of the game is still survival -- and not just against enemy teams. No, it's about holding your ground against the infected hordes, and sometimes, even enemies can become allies.

Each match pits three teams of four players against one another for map domination. The focus of Epidemic isn't to kill enemy players, however. Rather, it's about map control, and when the map is flooded with infected, enemy teams are the least of your concerns. In addition to regular ol' zombies, the full menagerie includes "super-bosses" and "heavily infected creatures."

Weapons crafting is also a part of Epidemic, borrowing from one of the best mechanics in Dead Island. You can make "hundreds of weapons, trinkets and items" based on your preferred style.

No word yet on when we'll be seeing Epidemic, however, or whether it'll be free-to-play. Time will tell.