Report: AMD FX-9590 Last Breed of AMD FX CPU?

A rumor is circling around the web, saying that the FX-9590 CPU from AMD might be the last of the FX-series CPUs.

A report from VR-Zone says something grim: The FX-9590 might be the last FX-series CPU that AMD has planned, possibly indicating that the FX-series CPUs is at the end of the line.

On the other hand, the report doesn't carry any images of roadmaps that indicate this, so it might be a false statement. That said, considering that the 5.0 GHz FX-9590 CPU didn't perform particularly spectacularly against its competitors, it shouldn't be too surprising that AMD might be shifting its focus elsewhere.

When we contacted AMD to verify the validity of the rumor, all we got back was a pretty standard "no comment" on products beyond the current public roadmap. For now, this one is staying on rumor territory.