At Khulna I used to get 3 routings on my Banglalion; Maxnet Online (League of Legends NA server ping 350-500ms), [email protected]home/pico (300-350ms) and mango (280-350ms). I could switch between them just disconnecting and reconnecting a few times. I also got BDIX, not the bandwidth, but the ping to other BDIX ISPs were low. Now I'm at Chittagong, and it would take a month or two before I can take a link3 line. Here I'm getting only mango routing, and this one is different. Apparently it is mango's chittagong network and being routed directly through france instead of the airtel/india routing I got from mango at khulna. And the ping is 350-500ms. Also, no BDIX. So, does Banglalion only have mango routing in chittagong? And, why is mango Chittagong worse than the other? I used to believe Khulna's whole Internet quality was very bad compared to Chittagong, as I never had any good Internet connection from any ISP at Khulna.