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Thread: Xbox 360 Controller sound problems (PC)

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    Default Xbox 360 Controller sound problems (PC)

    I recently bought a regular, wired Xbox 360 controller so that I can play dark souls and a few other games on my PC. I got the drivers installed, and the controller works fine for playing the game, but while the controller is plugged in I can't hear any audio from my PC, until I unplug it and restart the program I want to hear. I've looked online and it doesn't seem to be a widespread problem, but what I've seen is that the controller is being recognized as an audio device. I have looked at my audio devices in the sound section of my control panel (Disable and non-connected devices included) and there was no sign of the controller. I opened up my headset's settings and played a video from YouTube (with the controller plugged in) and the audio bar that shows the volume didn't move. I've uninstalled and re installed the drivers for both the controller and the headset (Razer Megalodon, don't know if it matters or not) and restarted my computer. I am running on Windows 7 64 bit.


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    This is the driver you should have:

    If you're connecting the headset direct to the controller then there might be issues with that if everything isn't configured properly.

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