From: TheVerge

Microsoft's Q4 2013 earnings report is in, and the company is announcing revenue of $19.90 billion — a 10 percent increase from the same quarter last year. Microsoft posted $4.97 billion net income this time around with earnings per share at 95 cents. There's a significant increase in net income from last year, but the software maker was weighed down last year by a "goodwill impairment charge" of $6.2 billion related to the write-off of its 2007 acquisition of aQuantive. However, Microsoft is taking a $900 million hit on Surface RT "inventory adjustments," which have been off to a slow start. Microsoft recently lowered the cost of all its Surface RT devices by $150.

PC sales are continually declining, and Microsoft's Windows division posted revenue of $4.4, a six percent increase from the same period last year. Whereas this time last year Microsoft was awaiting the completion of its Windows 8 OS, the software is readily available now on tablets, PCs, and notebooks. Microsoft doesn't appear to be providing an update on Windows 8 license sales though. The company revealed it reached 100 million licenses in early May, a figure that's almost identical to Windows 7's early performance. Around this time three years ago, Microsoft revealed 175 million license sales for Windows 7, on the same day it reported its Q4 2010 earnings. While Windows 8 tablet sales are still largely a mystery, we expect Microsoft to confirm its Windows 8 license numbers in the coming weeks. The last announcement in May lagged behind the previous earnings release too.

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