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Thread: Recruiting game designer and game tester.

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    Default Recruiting game designer and game tester.

    i know this is not the kind of recruitment that should be in this section, but i got confused and posted it here anyways. i wish moderators move it to right section if it is the wrong section for this kind of stuff. I am posting this on behalf of a friend who owns a game developer farm based on Apple Appstore.

    now, i know when we say "game" we dont mean "farmville" in Banglagamer, but the kind of game designers and testers we are looking for actually will be designing "Mafia wars" or "Mob wars" type of "pictorial-balance based-turn based" type games for iOS.

    the game will be hybrid of:

    -Mafia wars. (interface based)
    -Civilization (turn based)
    -Hearthstone heroes of warcraft (balance based and attractive graphic interface) //
    -Three Kingdoms Online (city building)
    -Kung Fu Online (Role Playing) // <-- Link will take you to Kung Fu Online, and is not for addvertising purpose.

    Actually it can take totally different direction once we start it.

    Yes, its a Per-time job offer, salary ranging from 10k to 30k depending on the expertise.

    (mostly 15k for new recruits with decent level of expertise, no experience needed, 4-5 hours a day starting from 3 pm to 8 pm, and after a period of assessment if the employee shows promise and passion, it is raised to 20k for 5 hours a day)

    What we need:

    1. university students (any faculty, but yes the coders will get preference, iPhone users will be preferred).

    ( Private university students preferred as the office is at mohakhali DOHS and for other reasons. But BUET is also preferred)
    [BUET, NUS, BRACK, AIUB, EAST WEST goers will get highest preference]

    What we dont need:

    2. Graduate people. Its a per-time job, and its not for people who will switch often. job environment suits students better.

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Designing and balancing the game.

    If you are interested, please PM me for further info.

    Offer stands for 4 days. so dont be late.
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    Its just [EB]. Not Elite B[a]stard or anything like that.

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    I wish I just had the time.......

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