Hi guyz, i am new gamer in BD. I mean i m not new gamer. I used to live in UK about 8 yesrs now back BD. I am crazy bout xbox online games. m a COD player. i had my own clan in there. anyway topic is i had the best connection in UK 120 MBPS VIRGIN broadband. BCS i was just mad 4 it so i bought best equipments there. For instance, i had best internet cable connection which is CAT 7 which even i bought from north Korea cos UK doesnt supply CAT 7 maximum CAT 6. I used to use internet connection only 4 my xbox. I had different connection 4 my laptop. cos i just hate LAG. Now the thing is i know i cant buy 120 in BD even here money also matters. There internet cost is like a piece of fruit cake in BD. So can u guyz help me out to get best connection in BD which i can at least play xbox online without lag. i mean i will consider only 4 my game passion. M missing my clan