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Thread: Original XBOX games on xbox360 error!

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    Default Original XBOX games on xbox360 error!

    The region code for this game does not math your console's region code. Please insert a game with correct region code.
    X: 5829.0 B: 1884.0

    This is what my xbox360 says when I try to play GTA SR. Any suggestion guys?

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    The game region match your console won't work

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    Quote Originally Posted by imon47 View Post
    The game region match your console won't work
    You mean doesn't match?

    And how do i then change my region? My 360's region is NTSC J, can you tell me which country is NTSC J? And how to change the country?

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    you can't change region code of your console. Every console is region locked. PS3 is region free, but Xbox 360 is not.

    When you buy a game you have to buy either a NTSC J game, or a game that supports multi region and there are also games that are region free that run on all 360s. For example microsoft published games.

    If your game does not work, return it to the shop saying the region does not match.

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