Hey guys,
Just registered, came across this wonderful bangladeshi gaming forum as I was googling around. Its nice to see so many gamers from bd! I live in usa myself, I game every now and then. This thread is not about me though. Its about my younger brother, who had been living here with me until recently when my dad decided to send him off to bd for schooling under strict bangladeshi style parenting (yeah the american bhut got onto him ). He had always been a gamer in the truest sense of the word - here in usa . He used to game away for hours, mostly multiplayer fpses like team fortress 2, battlefield etc etc. Anyway, its been a while for him in bd and now he wants to play video games (promising his mother not to indulge in "reckless" time-spending in front of the pc btw ).

Hardware is not an issue for him at the moment, he is fixing to get all the juicy computer equipment he needs to get going. Considering the kinds of online multiplayer games he is aiming for, the problem may be the poor internet connection and his geographical location. Bangladesh is quite far from all those servers which are mostly US based. He currently uses bangalion wimax 2 mbps service. Speedtest with remote US servers did yield good results, 1.2-1.5 mbps would indeed suffice. However, games require a stable low-range latency which is a far cry from what he seems to be getting down there in bd. A few ping tests with his favorite tf2 servers and valve servers show a ping in the crazy range of 390-450 ms. And it is seemingly the best you can get from there. I have looked for a few nearby indian servers for him where his pings drop down to the 250-ish, quite playable. But, he is desperately wanting to play with his US friends and play MvM on actual valve servers (that would give him certain benefits, e.g. getting items and what not). Is there anyone who plays tf2 mvm on valve servers ? Is it playable ? Or am I talking the impossible?