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Here the following components are available -

  • HMC5883L Triple Axis Compass Magnetometer Module

  • Photosensitive Light Sensor Module

  • 1.5V-35V, 3A Adjustable Step Down Converter LM2596 Power Supply

  • BeagleBone Black

  • 0.8V - 30V, 0-5A , CC CV Multiturn Pot Power Supply Module.

  • HC-SR04 Ultrasonic/Sonar Distance Measuring Transducer Module

  • Black 2.4GHz NRF24L01 + Antenna Wireless Transceiver Module

  • 2.4GHz RF Wireless transceiver Module

  • 433MHz RF Transmitter & Receiver Module Pair

  • Si4432 Wireless Transceiver Module 1Km

  • CC1101 Wireless Transceiver Module 350m

  • 20A ACS712TELC-20A Hall Current Sensor Module

  • DHT11 Temperature & Humidity Sensor

  • BMP085 Barometric Digital Pressure Sensor Module

  • SD Card Socket Module For MCU/Arduino

  • DC-DC Converter Step Up Boost Module 1-5V to 5V 500mA

  • DS1307 Real Time Clock Module with AT24C32 EEPROM

  • ENC28J60 Ethernet/LAN/Network Module with SPI Interface

  • Pyroelectric Infrared (PIR) Motion Detector Module HC-SR501

  • 84*48 Nokia 5110 LCD Module with White Backlight

  • 1.8" SPI 262K TFT Color LCD Module Display 128X160

  • 2.8 inch 320x240 Touch TFT LCD Display Module, SPI Interface

  • High PPI 3.0 inch TFT LCD Module 16:9 400x240 with Touchpad

  • 3.2 inch TFT LCD module Display+Touch Panel+SD Card 240x320

  • Arduino UNO R3 + USB Cable

  • Arduino Mega R3 + USB Cable

  • Arduino Ethernet Shield

  • Joystick Module Arduino Compatible

  • FM Transmitter Arduino Compatible

  • FM Receiver Arduino Compatible

  • TEA5767 Programmable Low-power FM Stereo Radio Module

  • 3.3V / 5V USBasp ISP AVR Programmer V2.0

  • CP2102 Adapter Module USB to TTL UART

  • FT232RL Adapter Module USB to RS-232

  • E18-D50NK IR Obstacle Sensor

  • 4 x 4 Keypad Switch

  • Water Flow Sensor

  • MQ-2 Methane Butane Propane Hydrogen Sensor Module

  • MQ-5 Methane Sensor Module

  • MQ-7 Carbon Mono-oxide Sensor Module

  • MQ135 Air Quality Sensor

  • Tower Pro SG90 Micro Servo

  • Voice Recognition Kit

    and many more .........

    I recently purchased the items from UK for my own hobby purpose. But apart from that, what I did is I purchased some extra quantities also, thought that other hobbyist like me might be benefited as some of these items are hardly found locally in Bangladesh.

    If you have any interest please join and buy online. I can send via courier as well.