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Thread: AION 4.0 Dark Betrayal Released! (2013)

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    Cool AION 4.0 Dark Betrayal [f2p] (2013)

    AION 4.0 is out.check it out
    with 2 new class
    GUNNER and Musician ( BARD) using Herp (Violin) as weapon
    new class is fun to play

    Official website:
    Aion 4.0 E3 Trailer: Beritra's Plot

    2 New Class
    Aion 4.0 "Bard" Class Preview

    Bard (Class)

    The small things can be big!

    Join the betrayal

    Obviously, I couldn't expound on everything that this expansion added, tweaked, and fixed. There's simply too much to cover in just one sitting! But I can tell you that this expansion is breathing new life into the game. Now's the perfect time to jump into Aion, either for the first time or returning after a long absence. The new classes give a perfect opportunity to (re)acquaint yourself with the game, and the fact that it is Truly Free means that you don't have to pay a cent to have access to everything.

    And as a bonus, if you've ever wanted to try an Asmodian out, there's no time like now: The Asmodian incentive package included plenty of rewards at different level intervals. These rewards are available on Tiamat, Siel, and Israphel. Of course, if you'd rather play Elyos, you can do that as well, sans rewards. Just be aware that on those servers Elyos creation is restricted during peak (read: afternoon and evening ) hours if you don't already have a light-wing created there, so plan accordingly. See you in Atreia!

    Soaring through the Aionosphere, MJ Guthrie touches down biweekly to bring you Wings Over Atreia. Featuring tips, guides, and general snippets of life in Aion, the column is better than Tutty-on-a-stick, ackackackackackack! Have a suggestion to share? No need to bribe a Shugo -- just send mail to [email protected].

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    Gear (New Items)

    (In game screenshot) click to enlarge view


    DOWNLOAD Link:

    AION is Free to play MMORPG

    For more info check here:
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    PM me if anyone needs any info.

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    if only they release an option where you can attack multiple enemies using normal attack if you turn off auto attack function. would be more fun
    from my pov.

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