It is awesome isn't it?

user that goes by the name of wilddaddy has just decided to upload three different pictures showing Techies colored concept art that he received from Valve. Together with those images, wilddaddy also received the following rewards:

  • flying donkey plushie /w code for braze the zonkey courier
  • code for Bow of the Howling Winds (drow)
  • dota2 scarf, shirt, armband, and a valve necklace

According to wilddaddy, he was diagnosed with a potentially life-ending condition and this is the way how the developers made him happy. Although we can't do much, we atGamersbook would like to wish wilddaddy a fast recovery while the developers of Valveobviously did their job already and made our colleague's day a bit better.
What do you think of DOTA 2 Techies?