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Thread: Eryc Leaves Kingsurf.

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    Default Eryc Leaves Kingsurf. is now alone

    Yesterday, the Kingsurf manager, Ks.Eryc, told the world that,, and Ks.cs are leaving Kingsurf. Read what he said to understand what happened.

    Before ACG was held, I divided Ks.DotA into and Both Yamateh and Hyhy were appointed as captains. They could handle everything, including recruitment, playing style,and training method. I chose the members and leaders by their performance. However, both teams disappointed me, so Ks.DotA must be recomposed. So after ACG, I proclaimed that I would reunite Ks.DotA and supervise their training in person. The people I needed were not superstars, but those who could do lots of things for the team. Judging from their performance in ACG,the temporary roster was iceiceice, hyhy-, ToFu, Papaxiong, Crispy.roy, Yamateh.

    But Yamateh expressed that he was against the recomposition and suggested I should manage only one team, or For the future development, I stuck to my decision. Because has always been sponsored by the Kingsurf Netbar and want to remain as a separate team,,, and Ks.cs will follow me and leave Kingsurf.

    All four teams will be sponsored by Razer and the Cyber Gaming Club, a popular cyber cafe in Singapore. The new name will be determined in ten days and we will temporarily use Razer.CGC. The new roster of Ks.DotA: Hyhy, ToFu, Papaxiong, Iceiceice, Crispy.roy!

    From the numerous offers we've received from cyber cafes in Singapore over the past year, I've chosen Cyber Gaming Club because it is an effective, developing cyber cafe. It was founded in 2006 and three branches were opened after three months. It is now one of Singapore's major cyber cafes and
    will be upgrading their network and equipment, which will create a better environment for our team training.

    Cyber Gaming Club branch:

    Cyber Gaming Club (Bedok)
    Blk 445, Bedok North St 1, #02-00, Princess and Rajah Twin Cinema, Singapore 469661.

    Cyber Gaming Club (Woodlands)
    Blk 768 #02-05 Woodlands Ave 6 Singapore 730768

    Cyber Gaming Club (Bukit Panjang)
    18 Woodlands Road Singapore 677916

    In addition to this explanation, he also launched a contest to everyone. Don't miss it!

    “Name your favorite team” Contest

    Winner gets Razer Destructor Mousepad signed by and Ks.DotA

    1) A nice name with nice tag,
    2) Nice meaning or unique
    3) None of teams have used before
    4) You can submit more than 1 name.

    Name: Razer
    Tag : Rzr
    Meaning: As fast and accurate as snake.

    Please send to [email protected]

    If the name suggested by you has been used as our team name, I will send out this Razer Destructor mouse pad which is signed by and Ks.DotA plus a “Thank you” letter to your home!

    Link :
    Source :

    Just Chill and KiLL!!

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    Default Re: Eryc Leaves Kingsurf.

    GL to the 4 teams and Eryc

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    Default Re: Eryc Leaves Kingsurf.

    Yeah GL to them

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