All I could say about this : spectacular !

What i loves about it is that the game is fully addictive and fun for simulations player like me. From the detailed graphic to the newbie friendly interface, to the interesting storyline and brilliant game mechanics, it's brilliant. What's keeping me playing this game for hours is the variety of new options discovered while doing something, hence the title "Dawn Of Discovery".

Almost all games have it's ups and downs. Rarely, or I dare say, never does a game was so perfect that everyone, and I mean everyone, has a problem with it. With ANNO 1404, the reason why I didn't gave a perfect mark , 10, is because of the loading time. Sometimes, it could took about , merely 1 minutes, but most of the time, it's more or less then 30 minutes, and I ain't keen on wasting 30 minutes of my life just to play a game.

i give it 8.0