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Thread: Zombie genre blowing up

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    Default Zombie genre blowing up

    Yeah as the title says, I feel like most of the upcoming games I see, is about zombies. Like duying light, the last of us, state of decay, etc. I don't know, if it is because the walking dead game got so popular. I think all the game developers are trying to make a game, that can match the walking dead series. I think ''The last of us'' is gonna have a chance of doing that though, the game looks amazing, and looks like it got a good story too!


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    No there are other games other than zombie games. State of Decay sounds good.

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    No there are other games other than zombie games. State of Decay sounds good.
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    the way you named this thread at first i thought the zombie genre is being blown up(banglai dhongsho hoye jaoa) i think it should have been named as ""Zombie genre growing bigger""...don't you think???
    on topic : no arguments from me...if these type of games are optimized well and if the story is good i love them
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