When you first start playing it, you do not want to put it down. It has filled our craving while waiting for God of War 3. How it got only 8.5 on game spot i do not know. However this game drags you into it. Even though with few cut scenes you feel like you are very close to the character. By far my favorite part of the game is the back of the instruction manual, GoW3 Coming Soon.
Graphics: Absolutely amazing. The blood, the lighting and everything else draws you into the game to make you feel like you are not holing onto a portable device but, you are inside the game.
Game Play: This little thing is the only reason i did not give it 10/10. You get a little bored with the swords, but once you get the glove of zeus it is like a new game all over. Killing, cut scenes mixed together perfectly make this game very attractive.

With everything said and done, this is a must play game for people who enjoy the God of War series.