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Thread: UT3 TDM Strategies

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    Cool UT3 TDM Strategies

    Hi UT3 fans. I had posted the following info on The Art of Warfare (TAW) UT forums (my clan). I copied it here for your enjoyment and learning purposes. Some of the information might be irrelevant as this post was supposed to be a discussion on our clan practice, so ignore those. Have fun and leave constructive comments.


    At the beginning of last night's practice, I told my squad about the armor/belt/pickups timing. Some of them knew about it, while others didn't. I will go through them here again:

    Shield Belt = 55s (so first spawns at 19:05 in a 20min TDM match).

    Armor Vest / Thigh Pads / Helmet / Jump Boots / Weapons = 27.5s (spawn at the beginning of game).

    Double Damage / Redeemer / Power-ups (like Berserk) = 82s (so first spawns at 18:38 in a 20min TDM match).

    Now, as most of you know, the easiest way to time the belt is to add 5 seconds to the time when you pick up the belt. So for instance, if we pick up the belt at 19:05, then the next belt will spawn at 18:10. (Assuming that the timer goes backwards).

    Timing the armors/pads/helms is a bit trickier. What I tend to do is add 3 seconds and subtract 30 seconds. For instance, if I pick up the armor at 19:55, I add 3 seconds, getting 19:58, and then subtract 30 seconds to get 19:28. So the next armor will spawn at 19:28. This takes practice to get used to, so for starters, you might just want to subtract 30 seconds and time it that way.

    Last night's practice was weapon stay on, I believe (correct me if I'm wrong). So we didn't have to worry about timing weapons (but I highly recommend turning weapon stay off from next month).


    Also, yesterday's practice saw the debut of FTL or Squad Assistant. Quag volunteered for us. I asked him to control and time the 50 Armor area in Defiance and Arsenal. Honestly, Steam Temple was a mess and we struggled to stay together as a team.

    Here's a note I made to myself. In a TDM, EVERYONE is a Squad Leader. Sounds confusing? It isn't. Before each TDM practice/match, we should choose the weapon area we are best with. For instance, I would choose to control and time the Shock Rifle Area. Having chosen that area, my duty would be to take the Shock Rifle, and take all the nearby items and time them. And best way to time multiple items is to come up with a route. An example of a route would be: Deck-FPS = Jump Boots, Armor, Shock Rifle, Jump Boots, Armor Shock Rifle. All I would have to do is time the jump boots, and pick up the rest in sequence. So for next practice, we should learn the maps well before hand and decide on an area we prefer to control.

    Now let's get back to everyone being Squad Leader. What I'm trying to say here is that everyone should be announcing their items. For instance, if I know that the armor will spawn in 5s, I should announce it; and whoever is near that area should rush there and try to take it. The same goes for the belt. Don't be shy to say it aloud. If the belt will spawn in 10s, and you know it, then go ahead and shout it out so that your teammates can go there to cover you.

    Another thing we should focus on TDM is to let others know where the opponents are going. Let's take Deck-FPS again for example's sake. I'm controlling the Armor/Shock Area, but I see that someone just took the lift and went towards the Rocket Launcher. I'd announce "enemy towards upper rocket. So whoever is in the rocket area will expect someone going there, and if we have a sniper established on the top, he'll keep a lookout for an enemy going towards that area.


    Ultimately, it comes down to 3 things:




    Of course, it's going to be very difficult to do all these things, but those of us who get more time to practice should try to focuse on them.


    Here are some other things I think we should keep in mind:

    a) Prioritize timing weapons rather than getting kills. This means that you shouldn't chase enemies from your control area. If the enemy leaves your control area, then announce it and return to your area to time the items. This way, other team members will know that enemies are coming towards them, and you'll get to time your items smoothly. I make it a point to control items rather than going for easy kills. In TDM, your personal score isn't important - the team score is.

    b) Throw weapons to team members when they don't have any. For those of you who can't throw weapons, refer to this:

    "By Fiopro:

    There's nothing worse than situation where you have no weapons. This is stressed in TDM matches, where map/pickups control is crucial. Let's say i have Flak and Rockets, and someone has just spawned and can't pick up flak because someone took it before him has nothing but the spawn weapons... I can simply go near my teammate and throw him one of my weapons.

    Basically, what you need to do is to open your UTInput.ini, which you can find in (My) Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config and open it with some text editor (I prefer Notepad++) and add the following line somewhere in [Engine.PlayerInput]:

    Bindings=(Name="key_name", Command="ThrowWeapon")

    Where you change key_name with the actual name of the key you want this action to be assigned to. For example, I have my ThrowWeapon set to x key:

    Bindings=(Name="X", Command="ThrowWeapon") and i put it just before the command Bindings=(Name="Up",Command="GBA_MoveForward").I guess it doesn't matter where you put it, as long as it's in [Engine.PlayerInput], but just to be sure it will work, I suggest putting it here.

    But there are some things you should remember:

    First, opponents will also be able to pick up the weapon you throw.
    And second, in order for this to work, server has to have Weapon-Respawn mutator loaded.

    That's all."



    Ok, now back to what happened in practice last night. We did a decent job timing some of the major items, but we kept wandering about. All in all, the Immortals did a great job bashing the Zerg Fest, but we as I mentioned above, we should focus more on controlling our area and items.

    TDM is a fun game type. It's all about teamwork and communication, and some individual skills. I hope you guys learned or enjoyed something here and will leave constructive feedback (be easy on me if I made an err). I'm especially eager to see what the 1st Battalion members have to say about this because they are awesome in TDM. I'm hoping to learn something from all of you, so please leave comments. Thanks all.

    - Legendary Hero

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    Default Re: UT3 TDM Strategies

    good luck

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