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Thread: Can anyone provide information about Bangladesh Flying Club?

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    Lightbulb Can anyone provide information about Bangladesh Flying Club?

    Can anyone provide any information about Bangladesh Flying Club? Rules and requirements for the qualifications they provide over there? if you have any info regarding flying in Bangladesh like expenses, duration for qualification, prospects, becoming a pilot, please share those information...

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    Default Re: Can anyone provide information about Bangladesh Flying Club?

    Here's information I gathered regarding getting a flying license:

    In order to get a Private Pilot License (PPL), you need

    325 hours of ground schooling
    5hours per class x 65 classes
    9:30 – 3:30 (sat – wed)

    It will take you 3 months to complete ground schooling and to pass ground schooling you will have to appear for 10 subject exam periodically.

    Afterwards you need to finish 50 hours flying at Rajshahi campus. They provide all accommodations and food. It takes 4months, 1 hour everyday.

    The total cost (including everything) to get a PPL is 9,75,000 taka (Nine lac seventy thousand taka). Next session starts from june july and price may go up to 13,00,000
    You can pay by installments. Installment criteria:
    1 lac (first installment) and every one and a half month
    2.5 lac (second)
    2 lac (third)
    2 lac (fourth)
    2 lac (fifth)

    PPL (Private Pilot License)
    6 months
    9,75,000 taka
    50 hours of flying

    CPL (Commercial Pilot License)
    17,75,000 taka
    110 hours of flying

    Total PPL and CPL will take 18 months of training and costs around 30 lac taka.

    Career opportunity:
    Commercial airlines base pilot salary is 2000 dollars + flying hours. So you can earn average 2 lac taka per month.

    You will need around 30 lac taka and 18 months to finish your commercial pilot license. Afterwards you can get a job. If you save 1 lac a month, you can pay back in 30 months. (two and a half year). So its about four year commitment.

    You can talk to these people. They are professionals

    Galaxy flying club
    House 20, Lake Drive Road, Uttara
    Sector 7, Dhaka 1230, Bangladesh
    Phone: 880-2-8921218

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