zech: Hello Gaspar! Some of our beloved readers may not know you, could you please introduce yourself?

hypno: Hello all! My name is Gaspar Machado, I live in Portugal near Lisbon, I'm a oldschool UT player, playing since UT99 even tho only competing at high level since UT2004, I'm currently in the first year of university, and I'm playing for the professional gaming team 4Kings.

zech: With your recent success in the ClanBase Unreal Tournament 3 1on1 EuroCup you are at the moment by far the most successful Unreal Tournament 3 player. Even though you used to play on a high level in Unreal Tournament 2004, many people out there - including me - are quite surprised that you have performed THAT well so far. Are you also suprised of your performance?
hypno: Eh, well, when UT3 came out I had this feeling I could do much better in this UT than in the previous versions, when I started playing UT2004 competitively I reached a level I never did back then in UT99, even tho I really didn't feel it was my game because of factors like the shieldgun and the abuse of hitscanning. With UT3 being far more agressive, it just suits my gamestyle much more.

zech: How did you come to the Unreal Series? Have you played other games online?
hypno: Ah well, I just started when I was like 12 years old in a cybercafe, playing Unreal 1, since then I never stopped and I became a fan of the Unreal series.

zech: When you started playing Unreal Tournament online, did you have a favourite player? And who is your favourite player now?
hypno: Ah yeah! I had and I still have this favourite portuguese player called Sp3llCast3r, his style in UT99 was awesome, he was really dynamic and he used weapons at that time, that I thought they were useless. He played for a really well known clan called Phalanx

zech: Who do you think is the most overrated player ever?
hypno: Well, I think many people will agree on this one, even tho I really like him as a player and a person. I think astz was the most overrated player because there were so many interviews and attention, and he never won a WCG or ESWC or whatever, like GitzZz or lauke or any ut legend did No bad feelings astz!! haha

zech: Why did you choose "hypno" as your nickname? Too much Pokemon i assume...
hypno: Well my sister had a music CD called "hipnotica" so I just like the name and adapted to hypnotic, then I thought it was too long and changed it to hypno, so no not really the pokemon thing, i actually discovered that after and i got sad about it

zech: Would you call yourself the " GitzZz of unreal Tournament 3"? He was the guy to beat in Unreal Tournament and Unreal Tournament 2003. In Unreal Tournament 3, it seems like that you are the guy to beat, so what do you think about that comparison?
hypno: I really wouldn't call myself GitzZz of UT3, I think there weren't enough tournaments yet to tell something like this

zech: Unreal Tournament 3 is out for more than 7 months now. Some people call it an "EPIC failure". What is your personal thought about the game - so far?
hypno: The gameplay is awesome, but EPIC, just failed in many ways, that was supposed to be even more simple than the gameplay itself, if it had a decent demoplayback, a decent GUI and many other small fixed issues, it would be an awesome awesome game. I still love it tho, the gameplay is awesome, and it's worthy to play it, even with some bugs.

zech: Even though there was not much competition so far i Unreal Tournament 3 since today, what was the most exciting match for you? And why?
hypno: My two matches vs. kiLLu at the EnemyDown National Championship were truly exciting and tense, mostly because we were playing for ?25.000, it made the game truly truly close and exciting, besides that maybe the Deck I just played vs Madjar in the EC 1on1 Final which was really close aswell.

zech: And what was (were) the most exiting Uneal Tournament X match(es) ever?

hypno: Talking about matches I played, probably the WCG 2004 portuguese final, even tho it wasn't that close, it meant a lot for me. Playing against Falcon at the ESWC 2005 was quite exciting aswell, when it went to a 3rd map and it was like a 2 frag difference map, my match vs GiMiX at the WCG 2004 was quite close aswell, even tho I lost in the end it was an interesting game to watch and play. I had loads of exciting matches so far, just reminding me of them now, gives me chills ehe.

zech: At the ESWC 2005 you survived the first groupstage, only losing against Falcon, but with wins against eVeNfLoW and rmzs. In the second groupstage lauke was domintaing your group, you placed fourth, however, you had the same amount of points as the second, DevilMC and the third CombatCarl. So you got eliminated from the tournament only due to the frags/deaths count. How disappointing was that for you?
hypno: Truly dissapointing, because I actually won vs DevilMC and he got through, got actually 4th in the whole tournament, I was with too much confidence against CombatCarl I guess, so that made me lose against him, my agressive style against him was just dumb, I learnt a lot from that tho.

zech: Do you think you are kinda disadvantaged in online tournaments due to your high ping compared to others?
hypno: Yeah, even tho my connection is a bit better now, all my online matches have been played with some kind of disavantage.

zech: Quickies
Unreal Tournament 3 or Unreal Tournament 2004? hypno: Unreal Tournament 3 Gameplay with Unreal Tournament 2004 Interface!
Link or Mini? hypno: Minigun
Flak Cannon or Rocket Launcher? hypno: Rocket Launcher
Lightning Gun or Sniper Rifle? hypno: Lightning Gun
Lightning Gun or ASMD? hypno: ASMD
Favourite Food? hypno: Italian
Favourite Drink? hypno: Beer
Favourite Band? hypno: Electro Sun / Caliban
Favourite Song? hypno: Ultravoice - Keep it real (azax syndrom remix)
Favourite Duel Map (UT 2004)? hypno: Roughinery
Favourite Duel Map (UT3)? hypno: Deck

zech: You are known for your duelling skills, however, you havent played much TDM during the past few years. Don't you like that gamemode or how come you havent played much TDM?
hypno: I love TDM, actually it's my favorite game mode, I played loads of TDM back then with k1ck, even tho I wasn't really noticed at all, now with UT3 I really dont have a team to play with since all my mates are from all europe and it makes really hard to find a suitable server.

zech: What was in your opinion your biggest success in Unreal Tournament?
hypno: Winning the play.com tournament

zech: What are your plans in the future, regarding Unreal Tournament?

hypno: I'll just keep playing, see what future holds, that AGP tour things looks quite promising!

zech: In case that Unreal Tournament 3 won't be featured in future, big online/LAN tournaments, do you think that you can keep your motivation up to continue playing in smaller tournaments?
hypno: It depends, honestly, I get bored of a game too easily, I'm actually getting a little bit bored of UT3 already, so I dunno if I can keep on playing in only small tournaments, we'll see.

zech: Honestly, do you think that Unreal Tournament 3 will have some major events, such as the ESWC and the WCG?
hypno: I was hoping for both, but unfortunately neither of them picked it, probably because of the lack of features like UTV and so on, it's a shame that Epic don't really care about the competitive community. When I saw in the .ini a line with smt like "Xbox360" I didn't know what to do, to laugh, or to cry. It's just retarded.

zech: Lots of well known players went inactive during the last few years, such as lauke, GitzZz, zulg, Varagh and many more. Do you "miss" a player who went inactive?
hypno: Ahah, now that you talk, of course, Varagh is a legend, it was insane how he made me laugh loads of times on #ut2k4.1337 and at the ESWC 2005 itself, he rocks! About GitzZz and lauke, yeah i miss them, cuz they are actually the most know UT legends out there.

zech: Who's your favourite for the Euro 2008 in Austria / Switzerland?

hypno: hey come on PORTUGAL!!!!!! I just saw the match vs the Czech Republic and it was awesome, I'm still a bit quite drunk tbh :x

zech: What are your hobbies?
hypno: I like doing some BMX, going to psytrance partys in portugal, going to the beach, going out at night, I love cinema, I love rock festivals, I love camping, I love being with my friends and I love my girlfriend.

zech: You have gained some kind of popularity in Portugal. For example, a portuguese TV channel made an interview with you. What do you think about that? Does people recognize you when you're walking on the street?
hypno: Actually, today when I watched the game on the street, there were some girls saying something like "hey it's the guy from the TV" and some other girl went like kidding but "go ask him for an autograph", it was like the 2nd or 3rd time people recognized me, so yeah, even tho I'm more known among the gaming community itself, of course!

zech: Why aren't there more decent Unreal Tournament players in Portugal? Except for skew.

hypno: I have no idea, we have exter also, in the past we had awesome players like, silver, neutro, mortalys, thunderbolt, psy etc etc. The portuguese WCG 2004 was really hard even tho people didn't think so. Now the majority of them just lost the motivation and kept their lifes without gaming.

zech: You may now greet some players if you like

hypno: There are so many, I would forget them! I prefer just giving a huge thanks to everyone that supported me through all my UT career, that played with me, that cheered for me, well, everything, a BIG thanks to all of you, I wouldn't reach what I reached without you, no doubt. And thanks for you zech for this awesome interview, see you around!