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Thread: How to connect my pc with xbox 360?

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    Default How to connect my pc with xbox 360?

    how do i connect my xbox 360 with my pc? I tried with myt dads laptop with the ethernet cable, but it didnt work. So brief me. & also, can copy mp3 from my pc in my xbox?

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    Smile Re: How to connect my pc with xbox 360?

    To start...only do this if you have followed on of the steps for setting up Media Sharing in Windows XP for Windows Media Player 11. If you have done this and your XBOX 360 still cannot see your PC then proceed.

    I don't know if this item was ever resolved, but I had the same issue on two different XBOX 360's at two different houses. The resolution was the same for both of them. The problem is that at some point the DRM database for Windows Media Player 11 gets corrupted on machines that have Windows XP. I have not determined if this problem happens on Vista. Without a valid DRM database the Windows Media Player sharing service cannot function properly. It will show as running in the Services menu, but it is not really working correctly. To find out if this may apply to you can look in the system error log.

    CAUTION: This process will rebuild you DRM database. Please proceed at your own risk. I have not encountered this causing any issues but I've only done it on two machines so user beware....

    After a fresh boot so you will have restarted the sharing service and have fresh log messages....
    1. Left click on "Start"
    2. Left click on "Control Panel"
    3. Left click on "Administrative Tools"
    4. Left click on "Event Viewer"
    5. In the left side of the menu, left click on "System"
    6. In the right pane look for red "X's". If you see one with "WMPNetworkService" then there's a good chance this applies to you.

    To resolve.....
    1. Left click on "Start"
    2. Left click on "Run"
    3. Type in "regedit" to open the Registry Editor. BE CAREFUL IN THE REGISTRY! We are not going to change anything, just look.
    4. In the left pane navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DRM.
    5. In the right pane left double-click on "DataPath"
    6. The value you will see in the right column is the location of your DRM database. Typically its something like "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM". Remember this value.
    7. Close the Registry Editor.

    Due to some complications it is best to do the next piece in the DOS Shell
    8. Left click on "Start"
    9. Left click on "Run"
    10. Type in "cmd" to open the DOS Shell
    11. Type is "cd thevalueofthedatapathfromstep6abovewithouttheDRMpiece"....or using the value listed in step 6 as an example "cd C:\Documents and Settings\All Users"
    12. Type "rmdir /S DRM"
    13. Type "mkdir DRM"
    14. Type "Exit" to close the DOS Shell

    Now in Internet Explorer. Yes, it must be IE because an ActiveX control will be used next that only IE can handle. This will not work with Mozilla, etc....
    15. Navigate to the website ""
    16. Install the ActiveX control when prompted
    17. An active "Upgrade" button should appear in the middle of the screen. Left click on it.
    18. Follow the process to install.
    18. Once complete, reboot the PC.
    19. Once the PC is completely booted your XBOX 360 should now be able to see your PC.

    Good Luck

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