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Thread: Selling my Guild Wars 2 account.

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    Default Selling my Guild Wars 2 account.


    I'll be selling my Guild Wars 2 Digital Deluxe Edition which is currently priced at $70 ( ), at a price of BDT 4000/-. My account also have 1 max(lvl 80) and 1 near max character(lvl 59) and 15+ gold in-game currency (you will need around $8 real money to get the same amount of in game money) and some other time limited items (which you cannot get if you start to play right now in a fresh account).

    I'll give you my email/password and then you can change them. I can bring my laptop at exchange and do the transfer instantly and give you the 16GB game.

    Reason for selling I'm planning to purchase Starcraft 2 and do not have time for such a huge time sink like MMO.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zahidislam View Post
    is it sold ?
    Sorry for the late reply. A friend of mine took the game for couple of weeks. Yes is still available. Since that opening post I've played the game for long time. Now It has 2 maxed out and geared character. Extra unlocked character slot. Some in-game store purchase credit. And much more time limited(currently unavailable) contents. Let me know if you still want it.

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    can u help me with the client i got the game but cant update its huge like more then 6gb

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