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Thread: DOTA Tournament in New Gamo

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    Post DOTA Tournament in New Gamo


    Dota tournament on the run again, this time on the newly located Gamo in Ringroad Shaymoli. The rules and the schemes will be mentioned in later detailed posts. This is just the beggining words:-

    Gamo, Shekertack 12, Ring road, Muhammadpur, Dhaka.

    *Teams are requested to contact before 28th May.
    *Entry fees 250Tk each meaning a team of 5 for worth 1250Tk
    *Team randomizations will be done by us with a scheme, which will be discussed as da teams start applying.
    *Two prizes will be given, to the winners of loosing and winning category, namely runners up and actual winners.
    *Actual winners 4000Tk, runners up 2000Tk
    *The winning prize money is done for an actual number of 10 teams, we will adjust the prize money if the joining team numbers differ, to be specific, if the team number increases, we will definitely increase the prize money, and also likewise if it decreases.

    Ahmed Saleque : 01727002704
    Zishan Leaqat : 01814264893

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    Default Re: DOTA Tournament in New Gamo

    Shadowplay will participate !!!

    Please have us registered and we will drop by someday and do our payment but it is confirmed that we are playing

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    Default Re: DOTA Tournament in New Gamo

    <nfs> will also play no doubt. And I think so wil NL.
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    Default Re: DOTA Tournament in New Gamo

    but where is the date of the tournament. 1st need to know the date of the tournament

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    Default Re: DOTA Tournament in New Gamo

    Snakey can u talk to the organiser of the DOTA tourny to arrange a CS tourny also after wards? COZ.. After the BGCSL.. Ektao 1.6 tourny hoy nai... Where as WCG is knocking at the Door...

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    Thankyou all for the eagerness of participating. Since the last date for teams reporting is the 28th of may, we wont be delaying the touranment starting date, we will be starting from the 30th or 31st of may if there is no further delay of any sort. My request to you guyz is that plz, come by and register asap.


    Ahmed Saleque

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