At the GDC it came out that for the development of Larrabee Intel is apparently working together with famous game developers like Tim Sweeney of Epic Games (Unreal Engine).

Intel used the GDC to advertise the forthcoming GPU Larrabee. The company sponsored lectures like the one held by the programmer Michael Abrash (who worked on the Doom Engine, the consoles Xbox and Xbox 360 and founded the company RAD Game Tools) that went so deep into details that only real programmer understood it.

According to Abrash the theoretical power of Larrabee is bigger than one Teraflop which means more than operations per second. Thus the chip reaches areas currently occupied by graphics chips from Ati and Nvidia. So it will be interesting to see how the competitors react.

IT will also be interesting to hear what Mark Rein from Epic Games has to say when Intel starts using Larrabee as an integrated graphics chip. After all Epics programmer genius and Chief developer of the Unreal Engine Tim Sweeney has, according to Abrash, been involved in the development of Larrabee and its 100 new commands. It is pure speculation what effect this will have on the compatibility of the current and future versions of the Unreal Engine and Larrabee. But it actually it would be strange if Sweeney would intentionally see to it that the Unreal Engine wont consort with Larrabee.

Only recently Intel presented a Larrabee Wafer and apparently the first samples are ready, too