It's hardly going to surprise too many people but when Sony Ericsson officially confirm that their handsets, running on the v2.0 of the Android OS are in the works it is enough to make it in the news.

On a Sony Ericsson event in Taiwan, the company's vice president of marketing, Peter Ang has stated that the company is now investing more in the development of an Android smartphone than in the other mobile operational systems that the company uses (Symbian and Android that is).

The good news is that the Sony Ericsson Android handset will come spiced with the company's proprietary UI which we really dig. It does look pretty nicely over Symbian on the Idou, so we are now eager to see how it combines with the Android OS.

While a release date would have been sweet to know, Peter Ang has refrained from commenting on that. Considering that Android v2.0 codenamed Donut is the Android OS of choice for Sony Ericsson (along with Acer and Motorola) we can't really see any devices coming out before the last quarter of the year.