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Thread: Is there any A.I. improvement with greater cpu's ?

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    Default Is there any A.I. improvement with greater cpu's ?

    is there ? for example, F.E.A.R. - which is a 2005's game. and P4 3 GHz is enough for this game. so, shall i see any A.I. improvement if i fit a C2D E8400 3 GHz when playing in 'Extreme Difficulty' ?

    i do not think so. what do you guys say ?

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    Default Re: Is there any A.I. improvement with greater cpu's ?

    Nope, there will be no difference whatsoever

    Even though the CPU calculates the AI, Physics etc, it will simply mean that the GPU might have to wait till the CPU finishes processing in case of the CPU being too slow. That would mean the CPU will be a bottleneck and will affect the FPS

    The AI itself would be unchanged

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