Mac Gets The Girl In New Anti-Microsoft Ad
Megan gets the Mac, PC misses out because of all its "viruses" and "crashes"

Ad wars are in full swing. First there was Microsoft's "Laptop Hunters", with Lauren, Giampaolo, Lisa, and more. Then there was rival Apple's irate response, followed quickly by a new round of "Get a Mac" commercials. Next, Microsoft lobbed back equating the iPod's cost of ownership (with enough music downloaded to fill it) to $30,000. Now the two are back at it again, with three new "Get a Mac" commercials which seem to obviously poke fun at "Laptop Hunters".

First up is "Customer Care", which sees PC (Jon Hodgeman) reminiscing with Mac (Justin Long) about his past customer support call antics. This ad again, reiterates the same old "Get a Mac" theme -- PCs are buggy, virus-laden, and crash all the time. It's more of the same with "PC Choice Chat", which has PC moonlight as a radio DJ. He begins to take calls, only to have to hang up on customers irate with their PC problems. Mac looks on awkwardly.

The last commercial is drawing the most attention, though. With Microsoft stealing internet geeks' hearts worldwide with its Laptop Hunter Lauren, Apple tries to do the same with Megan. Megan debuts in the commercial "Elimination".

She begins by saying she's looking for a PC. PC has brought along a long row of guys -- "PCs" -- and offers to find the right one for her. She first says that she wants a large screen; a bunch of PCs leave. Next she says wants a fast processor; more leave. Finally, she says she wants a computer "… without crashing, viruses or a ton of headaches." At this point the rest of the PC guys leave, and Jon Hodgeman begrudgingly tells Mac "she's all yours."

Megan walks over to Mac, and he delivers his catch phrase "Hi I'm a Mac." She wittily responds "I'm a Megan." Cue fireworks.

For TV watchers these commercials, like Laptop Hunters, are best viewed as entertainment. While some come with grains of truth -- PCs are cheap and have more memory, Macs while expensive, do tend to have high quality screens -- they ultimately devolve into the commercial version of name-calling. The Microsoft spots feature vague aspersions about Macs, while the Apple commercials go even farther, making PCs out to be a crippled platform, which is obviously far from the truth.

It'd be good to see commercials which focus on the real advantages of each platform, including some that haven't been mentioned much in the commercials -- battery life (Mac) and graphics/gaming (PC) (Disclaimer: Laptop Hunters does mention gaming, but the models shown have low end graphics -- not exactly the best PCs have to offer). Until that happens, though, we'll have to sit back and enjoy the ad wars between "Laptop Hunters" and "Get a Mac".

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