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Thread: Make bangla appear on Symbian or java!

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    Smile Make bangla appear on Symbian or java!

    I couldn't find any appropriate forum for posting this thread.Maybe a tutorial forum will help
    Andways.A lot of you may have noticed that when browsing this forum or any sites that uses the bangla fonts from mobile phone they do not appear.This fix is mainly for Nokia users.But however the Opera mini fix will work on all phones that you can install opera mini on.
    Lets get started!
    Firstly if you're a user of a symbian phone like me,You'll need a file explorer(the default one will NOT do!)
    I can recommend one here:
    It has freeware and shareware licenses and we don't need the added capabilities for what we'll be doing.Go into it's options(left selection key and options) and select show system and hidden files.Now go into the resource directory(it's on your mem card,if it isn't then you mustn't have any apps installed on the mem card or the hdd for the people blessed with one).Now make a new directory there named "Fonts".
    Bear in mind that the folder name has to exactly match the given name otherwise it'll not work.Now get a bangla font preferrably the fixed one Abir bhai posted in the forums and put it in the folder.Voila you now have bangla on the dafault browser.

    That's it for symbian.But what about java?Or what about the guys that don't have symbian or hates the default browser?
    For them:

    Skip everything above.If you don't have opera mini then dl and install from
    Now run it.(This is for absolute n00bs,most of you guys shouldn't require this part of it).Now go to the collection or the application or the games folder.The icon to opera mini will be in one of there.Select it and press center.This'll bring up this screen:
    Now select the url bar by the manuvaring keys and press center on it.Then type "Opera:config".The exact words quoted.Like this:
    afterwards on the screen that shows,scroll down untill the very last part and select the very last option.Screenshot:
    Check that the option is set to negative.Now click on it to be redirected to this screen:
    Obviously select yes.Afterwards it'll look something like this:
    Now press the back key and move to the start screen or close and reopen opera mini.This should do the trick.

    ****Now some of my screenshots wont match yours as I took mine on the landscape mode and alos on a phone with 369 mhz processor,If you have a java phone the options baselines will be the same.
    *******Be EXTREMELY careful with explore.As if you delete something inside the resource folder without knowing what it does at first your phone may get hurt!

    Ps:If you have anymore quaries about this guide or particularly anything related to Symbian s60 v3 feel free to post here or pm me!

    It took me a lot of time to get the screenshots and make this.So I'd appreciate it if you guys said thanks.

    Happy bangla reading.

    Best regards


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