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Thread: Find gamers near you by using NEAR!

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    Default Find gamers near you by using NEAR!

    I don't know whether this is a noob advice, but I am new with PS and there are more noobs like me, right? :S

    You can Find PS vita owners near you by using the app NEAR in your Ps vita. Just share your location and the Vita will do the rest. THanks.

    BTW add me even if i am not near you- ashrafvai

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    Quote Originally Posted by beezee View Post
    So did you finally buy the vita?

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    naaaaaaa..... Still jousting with my damn exam......
    Ends next week..... Then finally i'll have a chance to run to a shop hehe...
    So suggestions? from where should i buy my vita? from where did you buy?
    i also pm'd you. check it.

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