Please put your frags of the month here!
Best will be if you can record some frags, then make a movie of it and upload it on Youtube and post the video here, so we can start a contest of Frag of the Month!
Just like BanglaFifa, Goal of the month, the person winning it gets a custom title image of "Goal Scorer", so we will have something like "Killer of the Month"!
Im opening a discussion thread, please discuss there about the Frags of the Month contest there, and we will have to select a jury for it too!

Rules for posting frag should be,
You open a Thread, the name of the thread should be in this format

"YOUR NAME" vs "TEAM / PLAYER / BOT(level)" - "DATE"
Please open the thread as provided in the format above

For example this is how it will be like

Te.Vy席sh vs Bots(Easy) - 30th March 2008