Platform: PS3,360,PC
Summer 2013
GENRE(S): Action, Shooter
PUBLISHER(S): Deep Silver
CO-OP: 2-4 Player Online/Offline

Deep Silver and Rubicon released a new trailer for their upcoming Twin-Stick Shooter Nacro Terror today, which revealed that it will be released this Summer on the Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and PC.

Narco Terror will feature two player drop-in, drop-out and local co-op, which is always a good start for any game. From what we know so far, the story follows a lone soldier as he attempts to take down a drug cartel. The trailer shows lots of big guns and explosions, but there’s also a quick scene showing that we’ll control a helicopter at some point, so it looks like Narco Terror is going to be more than just running around shooting bad dudes in the face.