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Thread: ATTENTION : Survey about Gaming tournament.

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    Default ATTENTION : Survey about Gaming tournaments.

    I personally am requesting all Banglagamer members to participate in this survey. An enthusiastic group of organizers have showed interest to arrange a gaming tournament. By participating in this survey, you help them to organize a better event thus you are doing youself a favour as a gamer.

    Bangladesh is currently in an evolutionary phase when it comes to cybergaming. And now as a proud Bangladeshi gamer, you have the chance to make a difference in this field of cybergaming. All you have to do is let us know about 'the concept of an ideal gaming tournament according to you'. How would you like it to be? What things would you like to see in it? Who knows, we might make it possible for you to participate in such a tourney on day..
    • The whole thing should not take more than a minute.
    • If you can, please help spreading the words of this survey among your friends and fellow gamers. A facebook status update could be a good way to do so.
    • The results of this survey will be publicly available shortly after the survey ends. I will publish it over aswell.

    Link :
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