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"The Godfather 2" review has been showed today on Digonto channel.. I didn't expect such quick response.. It shows every Sunday 9:30 p.m. and repeats on Monday 3:30 p.m. (not sure abt the timing, I'll update) in the program titled "Science Dot Com". So it'll show again tomorrow. catch it then.

Anyways, from now on we have to supply game reviews on a weekly basis.

First up, give me a list of 8-10 games that might be reviewed in next one month. It may include just released games, games that would be released in this period (next one month) or previews of games to be released even later. With the name of every game also give one interesting sentence that sums up the game.

Next, every week provide me review clips on 2 games. What is required is:
a. a video clip of length around 5 minutes.
b. a separate audio background music file that might go with it.
c. a script of 100 words containing what the presenter will be describing.

Banglagamer will be mentioned in the program credits. If any reviewer is interested I'll see to it so that your name can be mentioned in TV.

So, which 8-10 games deserve to go in TV in next one month?