Dear gamer friends,

Want to help the world to fight with corona-virus? Please share your gaming rigs power to research Covid-19 and find a cure.
Its time to be a real hero. See the description in this video.

Remember, Linus used a multi GPU set up, but the foldingathome cannot use the total power of his rig and end up using only 1 GPU due to their server's bandwidth limitations. So don't feel shy with 1 GPU and you can even help [email protected] without any GPU.

Please find the explanation from foldingathome.

You can join any team or contribute without joining any team. And don't worry about gaming performance as you can set it up only when your are not gaming. But only one thing you can worry is the electricity bill. You can set your CPU and GPU utilization to the comfortable limit so that your rig generates less heat and you can be worry free for long term operation.

You individual help can even outrun a supercomputer.

Your sacrifice can save so many peoples life. Be a real hero and help the humanity when it needs your help.