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Thread: Lucifer's career Ending ?

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    Default Lucifer's career Ending ?

    Military service puts Lucifer's career on hold

    Lucifer to enlist as soldier on April 14. Photo by: Julia Christophers/ESL

    Lucifer: "I didn’t even try to find a new team and accepted to prepare for the army"
    KOREA. Jae Wook "Lucifer" Noh goes Hulyeonbyeong and will be equipped with a rifle instead of Coilnova. With his military service starting on April 14, the ESWC, WC3L and NGL champion sees a stop in his eSport career.

    - When MYM had to release all the players, I knew it was about time. Additionally my military service is about to start soon and I have to think about other things then, says Lucifer to readmore.

    - I've been quite optimistic. But because all the Korean players are looking for a new team, it isn’t easier for me. I didn’t even try to find a new team and accepted to prepare for the army, adds Lucifer.

    Doing a Lim Yo Hwan and continue after his military service?
    - If it is still possible, I would. It's not that easy to plan something which will happen two years from now. If my hands can still move after the military and my reactions are as fast as before, I could imagine to play more Warcraft 3 or other games like Starcraft 2, says Lucifer.

    The Undead specialist was released from MeetYourMakers in late January at the same time as his long-time team members Jung Ki "Susiria" Oh and Jang Jae "Moon" Ho, and has since then not made any sound on the eSport radar.

    On his brother MichaeL: "It will be a hard way for him"
    While some Koreans remain under a lucrative, or at least a sustainable progaming contract, there are many Korean players who are having a hard time. Lucifer talks about his brother Jin Wook "MichaeL" Roh, who now resides in SK-Gaming and is the Wook brother who shines brightest.

    - I hope he can come up with some income in the future – right now only Moon, Check, Lyn and WhO seem to have a solid base in their teams. All in all it will be a hard way for him, says Lucifer.

    ZOTAC prize money not enough for survival
    - Progamer is a really hard job nowadays. You can not survive in Korea from winning 100 Euro in the ZOTAC Cup – but many of them are trying and that is why we should still cheer for them, explains Lucifer.


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    Default Re: Lucifer's career Ending ?

    A warcraft team 4m korean army is not possible. There is a pro SC team Air Force Ace which is a decent team specially after this season's recruitments. But SC is korea based. WC is not.
    Its AIM. Not GG AIM, GG_AIM or GG.

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