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Thread: Game Review : Pocketfleet

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    Default Game Review : Pocketfleet

    I was looking for a good MMO and finally found one: Pocketfleet. Developed by Overdosed Caffeine studios, the game is set in space where you battle it all out.

    Pocketfleet starts of with you choosing a side. Either Incorruptors or Omnitron. The game doesn't elaborate on which team you should choose. But choose whatever you like. The weapons and spacecraft vary but I don't think it affects performance.

    The gameplay is quite good. You get the hang of it after a few minutes of playing. At first its hard to tell who is who, but eventually you get into the game and become quite good at it too. You control by tilting or by joystick. Both feels ok not difficult at all.

    There are three game modes. All multiplayers. No single player option.

    1. Aerie Invasion: You and your teammates fight off an alien force who trespassed into you territory. The opponent team is AI based so you don't fight against anyone, except the CPU. The game is over when you destroy your rival's mothership. Quite an easy mode. Good for gaining KP (Pocketfleet's equivalent of XP) which you use to buy weapons and ships.

    2. Dogfight: Its like the above mode but here motherships don't take damage. You have kill more than your opponent to win.

    3. Capture the Orb: Your typical capture the flag type game mode. Quite hard actually.

    4. Team Match: The popular TDM mode. As a newbie this mode should d be avoided since many players have high levels and advance weaponry.

    You don't need a good phone. I play it on my walton g1. So any phone will do I guess. A good internet connection is required. 3G if possible or wifi. Didn't try on Edge.

    Pocketfleet is a good time passing game. Good companion on hartal days.

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