My house is in Muradpur Forest Research area. I've been using Banglalion from 2010 with their AWB router. It has been great the past 2.5 years but lately its gone bad to worse to none right now. I'm hanging my router on the window and it connects for 2 to 5 mins and drops again for 10 to 50 mins.

I've called their "Customer Support" and they told me that I needed a firmware update, so I went to Wasa customer care center to get the "update" which should have fixed the problem but they told me that I don't need the update as it already was updated (ummmm ) and to "note" down the connection status and call them so they can "help" me.

I am not really sure how Qubee and their "FUP" kicks in (I never got FUP-ed with Banglalion {then again I dont really have much of a connection anyways, but I'm talking about when I did lol}) . Not really a heavy downloader but I use skype a lot. The smaller Qubee modem use to work pretty good about a year or 2 ago but I have no idea where it went and If qubee still have the same network (or worst?) as one of my friend was telling me the Qubee Tower is pretty good and gives strong connection.

OH and the guys that gives us TV connection said they also handled broadband so he put me on the phone with the broadband person and he told me that I will be needing to buy 300 Meter Fiber cable and a Modem (Since when did we need a modem when taking a broadband connection ? Didn't that cable come straight though the window and into the LAN port ?). Cable + Modem = 11,000 taka and they offer 128kbps and 256kbps both coming at 700 and 900 taka per month. (Cable will belong to me, so in case it is stolen , they will not do anything )

Called Link3 and Chittagong Online Limited. None of them covers my area . Though Link3 guy told me that he saved my number and will give me a ring when there is (I will not really hold my breath that it will magically happen in the next week).

Any help is most appreciated and thanked. Sorry about all the reading :\ but I really need an actual internet connection. Grameenphone and other mobile internet works under 10kbps so that doesnt really help at all.